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Hello Western Boone students, families, and community members!

The guidance staff is excited to present helpful information in the most user-friendly way possible.  Please click a question below to review information that may provide answers.  We are happy to talk to you directly and answer any questions you have.  Please click here to go directly to our contact page. 

Who Do I Contact?

Welcome to the Western Boone Guidance Office. We are happy to assist you and your student with educational, career, and social needs.  Please feel free to contact your student's counselor with any questions at the contact information given below.

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jean staff
Registrar   765-482-6143 x 3157
Mrs. Jamie Hartman

Counselor - Grades 9-12; A-L 765-482-6143 x 3154
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terra staff
 Counselor - Grades 9-12; M-Z
Department Chair
765-482-6143 x 3161
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justin staff
Counselor- Grades 7-8 765-482-6143 x 3159
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School Social Worker 765-482-6143 x 3160

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What are the graduation requirements?

Graduation Requirements

The State of Indiana has four diploma options available for Hoosier students.  Graduation requirements change periodically and can be found for each graduating class below. Any questions can be directed to the assigned counselor here.

WEBO Graduation Requirements

What classes can I take?


Western Boone begins its official scheduling process in January of each school year.  Parents and students can review grade-level focused information in mid-January each year to learn about graduation requirements, course availability, and college/career planning.  Counselors will begin meeting with students and parents on an individual basis in mid-January through March.  Please feel free to review the forms and information below for more information.  Schedule requests may be reviewed and changed in April.  After April of each year, there are NO schedule changes approved. Any questions can be directed to the assigned counselor here.

Scheduling Forms

Graduation Requirements Chart

Curriculum Guide 2023-24 School Year

What tests will I take in school?


Western Boone provides testing opportunities for various state-required assessments and personal development. If there are any questions about testing offered at Western Boone, please contact the student's counselor here.

PSAT  The PSAT assessment is a practice version of the SAT college admission test.  It covers reading, mathematics, and writing content areas.  The test is given to all grade 10 and 11 students for free. Grade 11 students typically choose to take the assessment to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship or as additional practice before taking the SAT.
ASVAB  The ASVAB assessment covers verbal, mathematics, and science/technical skills.  The test also includes a career interest assessment.  The assessment is a requirement for military enlistment and is used for job placement.  The ASVAB is given to all Grade 11 students for the purpose of career exploration.
Work Keys  Work Keys is a job-skills assessment that covers reading, mathematics, and locating information (graphs, charts, etc.) This assessment is given to seniors who have not met all the requirements for the Technical Honors Diploma, but still wish to earn this diploma.
Advanced Placement (AP) AP courses provide college-level content to students while in high school.  Each course has a corresponding exam given in May that assesses the content covered in the course.  Students who score a 3, 4, or 5 (out of 5) are eligible to receive college credit from public Indiana colleges. 
SAT SAT is an assessment produced by The College Board that is used for college admission purposes. It is given to all Western Boone juniors in the spring as a required exam by the State of Indiana. 
Accuplacer  The Accuplacer assessment is a college placement exam produced by The College Board organization.  The test is used at Western Boone for dual credit placement purposes. 
Knowledge Assessment  Knowledge Assessment is a college placement exam used by Ivy Tech. This test is used at Western Boone for dual credit placement purposes. 

How do I read my PSAT results?

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How do I know what I should do and when?

Grade Level Timelines

Many students and families are not sure what actions they should be taking to best plan for high school success and college admission. If there are any questions about what should be happening at your student's grade level, please review the timelines given below.  Also, please feel free to contact your student's school counselor at any time with any questions.  Contact information is available here.

How do I figure out what I want to do for a career?

Career Aptitude/Interest Testing

Knowing what you want to do for a career can be a very scary thought.  Students tell us frequently that they don't know what they want to do with their life, where they want to go to college, or what they want to or should study after high school.  Below are a few resources that might help.  Learn More Indiana has a free assessment that partners with Work One called Indiana Career Explorer.  This assessment covers not only career interest, but career values and skills, which are two additional and equally important pieces to career development.  If you have any questions about career assessments or local career counselors, please contact your student's school counselor.

How do I apply for college?

College Applications

Many students and families are not sure how to apply for education after high school.  We hope the information below will help understand this process.

When do I apply to college?

Most college applications are available beginning August 1st of the student's senior year.  Some applications don't become available until September 1st.  Regardless of application availability date, we encourage all students to apply to schools of their choice before fall break.  A number of schools have priority application deadlines of November 1st.  It is important to note that when a college posts a deadline, they must have all required application materials received by that deadline.  

What do I need to apply to college?

Typically, college applications require:

Application (found on the college's website)
High School Transcript (order on
Senior Year Schedule

College Admission Testing Scores
Personal Essay
Recommendation Letters

Will I get in to the college of my choice?

The best way to find out if a particular college is a good match is to speak with your student's school counselor.  Most colleges will post information about their admission requirements on their website.  This will usually include median grade point averages and test scores of their admitted students.  In the state of Indiana, the most challenging school to be admitted is Notre Dame.  Indiana University Bloomington, Purdue University, and Butler are also significantly challenging and getting harder each year.  Students should apply to multiple schools that have the program of their choice and also have admission requirements that the student can meet.  

When will I find out if I get in to college?

Most colleges are on what is called "rolling admission".  This means that colleges review applications as soon as they receive all of the required materials.  Therefore, the earlier you apply, the faster you will hear back from them with an admission decision.  The turnaround time is close to 4-8 weeks.  

How can I pay for college?

21st Century Scholars

Indiana‚Äôs 21st Century Scholars is a needs- and performance-based program that provides students the opportunity to earn up to a four-year scholarship at an Indiana college or university. Hoosier students who meet income criteria can enroll during their 7th- or 8th-grade year of middle school. Students commit to maintaining academic success, remaining drug and alcohol free, and completing college-preparation activities. Please contact your student's school counselor with any questions.

For Program Details and to Apply Online, Click HERE

Financial Aid

Financial aid is money to help pay for education costs after high school.  There are many types of financial aid including scholarships, grants, work study awards, and loans.  Financial aid comes from multiple resources including the federal government, state government, colleges, and non profit and for profit agencies. For more information about financial aid and how to apply for it, please visit the federal student aid website.

A powerpoint presentation discussing the financial aid process can be found here


We understand that scholarships can play a vital role in helping pay for postsecondary education.  We encourage students and parents to review the scholarships listed in the newsletter below to find most local scholarships and some state and national level scholarships.  We strongly encourage students and parents to continue their scholarship search by utilizing search engines like FastWeb and visiting websites of individual universities and companies to take advantage of their scholarship offerings.  Any scholarships that have applications available for download are listed under the applications section. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact counselor, Terra Query.

Raise Me
College Board Scholarship Search
U.S. Dept. of Labor Scholarship Search
Scholarship America

Scholarship Newsletter
Scholarship Newsletter

Scholarship Applications

Where can I get help outside of the school environment?

Community Resources

Students and families who want assistance outside of what the school can provide will ask for referrals for help.  

Mental Health Service Providers

St. Vincent Stress Center
8401 Harcourt Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46260
Community North
Behavioral Health Pavillion
7165 Clearvista Way
Indianapolis, IN 46256
317-621-5700 (24hr)
Integrative Wellness
1614 N Lebanon St.
Suite 2
Lebanon, IN 46052
Cummins Mental Health
940 Lasley Drive
Lebanon, IN 46025
(765) 482-7421
(877) 482-7421

What are other resources I should review?

How do I get the best grades and why does it matter?

Why do grades matter?

Not many students ask us this question, but they do think it and it affects their performance.  Grades matter because all high school grades will appear on a student's permanent record.  This permanent record is called a transcript.  A transcript is the actual proof of a student's graduation as well.  When college ask us for information about a student when deciding if they want to admit them, we send a transcript.  When an employer contacts us to ask for verification of education, we send them a transcript.  When an insurance company asks us to send verification of a student who wants a discount on their policy, we send them a transcript.

Basically, everything a student does in high school will affect this transcript and could affect the student's future!

It is important to make sure the transcript is the best possible reflection of the student.  People that ask to review a transcript do not know students personally and make judgments about the students based, many times, solely on this one document.

What can I do to get the best transcript?

Having the best performance possible starts out by selecting the best courses that fits the student's needs and abilities.  A student who struggles in math should not take upper level or honors mathematics.  If the student did take those courses, the student likely would not earn the best grade and would be a poor reflector of the student as a whole.  

The questions to always ask when selecting courses are:

1. Am I meeting graduation requirements?
2. Do the courses challenge me, but are not too difficult for my abilities?
3. Do the courses help prepare me for my future career goals?

If the student can answer yes to those three questions, then taking those courses are likely a great idea and will prepare the best transcript possible.

How are grades calculated?

Please review the following document for more information about grades and how they affect a transcript.

What does a school counselor do?

What does a school counselor do?

In a broad sense, school counselors provide academic, college, career, and personal guidance to students.  Let's break each area down...

Academic Guidance

This area of our responsibility includes advice on how to perform better in high school.  It includes scheduling classes that will meet students needs and abilities and aligning those things with high school graduation. We check grades frequently and meet with students who are not meeting their potential to discuss methods of improvement.  We make referrals to potential tutoring resources for extra help.  Time management is typically a factor in poor performance. It is not unusual for us to help students make daily/weekly calendars so students can plan their time best.  School counselors meet with each new student who wishes to enroll at Western Boone in order to plan a schedule and get acclimated to the school. 

College Guidance

This area of our responsibility includes scheduling in regards to future planning, i.e., making sure college admission requirements are being met.  We also check grades frequently with college guidance in mind so students have the best academic record possible to present to college admission officers.  School counselors are responsible for providing guidance about college admission testing such as the SAT and ACT and their practice tests like the PSAT.  

Career Guidance

Career guidance involves helping students plan for the career that suits their interests, values and skills the best.  We encourage students to complete various assessments that test a students best fit for specific careers.  We also guide students into certain courses that will help prepare students most for their career choice.

Personal Guidance

School counselors also are heavily trained on how to help students cope with personal challenges.  Students will typically struggle with how best to handle challenges with friends, significant others, and family members and seek our advice on next steps.  We are available to make recommendations on places to seek resources in the community as well.

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