Student Life Jr High Clubs

Jr. High Art Club

The Jr. High Art Club is for any junior high student who loves art and wants to learn more skills. Students must sign up to participate through Canvas.  See Mrs. Gavin to get instructions on how to do that and with any other questions.

Club Sponsor: Terri Gavin   
Club Meeting Location/Time: Room 257/Blue Tuesdays & Mondays after school from 3-5pm

Jr. High Book Club

The Jr. High Book Club is for any junior high student who wants to read. Students will read a different book each month and meet for discussion.

Club Sponsor: Tricia Skibbe    
Club Meeting Location/Time: Media Center/White Tuesday Homerooms

Jr. High Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

The Jr. High FCA is for any junior high student. Students will present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Club Sponsor: Beth Walker & Susan Neese
Club Meeting Location/Time: Jr. High Gym/Red Tuesday Homerooms

Jr. High Student Council

The Jr. High Student Council is elected by junior high students.  Students help with the food drive, coordinate a dance in the spring, and help with incentives for honor roll. 

Club Sponsor: Jennifer Foxworthy & Sara Nicodemus
Club Meeting Location/Time: Room 241/White Thursday Homerooms

National Junior Honor Society

The Western Boone chapter of National Junior Honor Society receives members by invitation.  The NJHS Faculty Council makes their selection based on the information form as well as evidence of integrity, positive behaviors, cooperation, ethics, and leadership assessments. Members are required to sustain exemplary scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and character by participating in chapter as well as individual service projects while maintaining a high GPA. 

Club Sponsor: Julie Baumgart
Club Meeting Location/Time: